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Looking Back Looking Forward – A Daily Prompt Post

2012-12-30_18-09-16_290This is a pretty interesting Daily Prompt question:

When you were 16, what did you think your life would look like? Does it look like that? Is that a good thing?

When I was 16, I thought I would be with an amazing woman and have some great kids, a huge house and a lot of money, and lots of friends, and go to lots of different places traveling, and have a great job. I didn’t know the form all that would take, or the ages, and I’m pretty sure the great job may have involved me singing in a band. Well, I’m not in a band, and I don’t travel that much, and I don’t have a LOT of money, but… I am with an amazing woman and I do have great kids. My house is pretty big, I suppose, and as jobs go, to the extent that any desk job can be “great”, I suppose there could be worse jobs to have. I’m happy, and I’m satisfied. I guess I’ve known what I wanted for quite some time…

But wow, at the time I had just gotten my driver’s license, and had a nice girlfriend, and I was doing well in school, and I hadn’t thought much beyond college. I had no idea that in a year’s time I’d fall in ‘love’ for the first time – and I say that in quotes because looking back, that was a hilarious whispering breath compared to the belted-out duets I have now with my wife.

So for the most part, it looks like that, and that is definitely a good thing.

Edward Hotspur

10 comments on “Looking Back Looking Forward – A Daily Prompt Post

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  2. pouringmyartout
    January 21, 2013

    If you really want to know what I was thinking at that age, you know where to find all the answers… that was not a prompt, just a fact…


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  4. LizzieCracked
    January 21, 2013

    I think you have pretty well in comparison to your 16 yo vision – this is an interesting prompt I may have to participate.. later, but its nice to see you are pretty close to where you thought youd be and you are happy.. :-)


  5. Lexa S.
    January 22, 2013

    You could of gotten all the things you wanted at 16, and as it miraculously happens in life sometimes, still not be satisfied with your life. So I guess as long as you are satisfied and happy that’s all that counts!


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  9. benzeknees
    February 15, 2013

    I thought I would be an airline stewardess, flying to Europe all the time, with no kids, married to a gorgeous pilot. None of this happened.


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