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**Note: With all the outrage in the world, I thought it prudent to rerun this shocking expose on the government. Just shocking. You’ll be shocked.**


The reasons to get rid of your microwave are compelling, but there is an even bigger and more shocking secret that your government doesn’t want you to know. They are secretly killing us with products we buy!

Right now there are millions of these products in use in and around the places we live and work. Millions! Every family has at least two or three of these products. They use them around their kids, their grandparents, their friends and family, without even thinking about it. There are countless commercials on television for these items, from the local all the way to the national level. The government does nothing about it!

These products caused over 6 million accidents last year, and cause an average of 3 million injuries and over 40,000 deaths every single year – even children. That’s more deaths than are caused by murders, influenza, airline crashes, Scientology, anthrax and lightning strikes combined. This has been going on for decades, yet the government does nothing – in fact, the government promotes these products, even for use with children! Why do they do that? Huge corporations give the government millions of dollars every year, and in return the government never prosecutes those corporations.

So how can you learn to recognize and rid yourself of these dangerous products? Simple. Don’t limit yourself to just inside your house – the products could be in your garage or outside. Examine all your products carefully, and watch for those that come from Europe, South Korea or Japan. The state of Michigan often has special deals with those countries to sell their horrible products right here in America! Michigan itself makes millions of its own products, right in full view of the government, and nothing is done.

Shocking, but true, that so many people have been fooled into buying these items. Don’t be one of them! And as soon as you stop using the products, you immediately help not only yourself, but the environment. Protect Yourself!!!

A photo of one of the products (this one from Japan) can be found at: www.honda.com

Edward Hotspur


  1. pouringmyartout
    March 12, 2012

    What the hell… why did I find this in the writing blog list and not on my blogs I follow list? This is not the first time this has happened. Sorry, Ed, to use this as a chance to lash out at WordPress, but it just popped out.
    And awesome post, by the way. They sell us products that have only been tested for a time span that will never show the long term health effects all the time… That sentence made no sense grammatically… I only tested it for 20 seconds, then I passed it on to the consumer. Can you say ‘toxic shock syndrome’?


  2. The Hobbler
    March 12, 2012

    You are such a conspiracy theorist…or a drama queen.


  3. kayjai
    March 12, 2012

    Hold the pickles, Batman this is epic! It’s good be the Pres of Canadia…no conspiracy theorists but the ones in office! I think I just justified the justification of the exclamation point. I should now be officially caught up..or something…


  4. El Guapo
    March 12, 2012

    Thank god – I thought the picture would be a jet ski. Then I’d have to rethink my trans-atlantic crossing.
    Fortunately, I never considered doing that in a car, so I should be alright….


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