Every Day I’m Shoveling

Apologies to LMFAO, but it’s been snowing a lot here lately, and it seems like I’ve been nonstop shoveling for a few weeks. Seems like every day I’m shoveling!

Oh, okay, I’m getting that look, so…. Have a nice winter!

Edward Hotspur

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79 thoughts on “Every Day I’m Shoveling

  1. Now that is funny (poor shovelling technique abounds), touching (skating nymph who’s donated her clothes to a good cause), nerdy (Chewbacca is wearing some extra padding), slightly intimidating (Walken about to go all True Romance on someone), and made of pure downhome goodness (Canada is displayed prominently).

    We’re -40 degrees Celsius with the wind right now. It’s awesome.

  2. It has been 80 degrees every day for a week… we have had like one day of measurable rain this whole winter… and I didn’t have to shovel that, it just sort of spreads out on its own…

  3. I’ve heard about slaves, but snow slaves is a new kind of slave. We’ve got a lot of snow and it is staying put. It is cold so there’s no chance of melting.

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