Westboro Baptist Church vs. OKC

Fair Warning: I have read/am reading a couple of books by Penn Jillette, and have been following Ricky Gervais on Twitter, and I’m all pumped to do battle with religious nutjobs like Westboro.

Moore, Oklahoma tornado aftermath

Tornadoes, hurricanes, disasters, tragedies – why do people thank god when their loved ones survive? Why do people thank god when they win an award, score a goal, catch a long pass? It’s ridiculous. Because if you are intended to catch a pass, or score a goal, or win an award, or, you know, live, doesn’t that mean that someone else – LOTS of someone elses – are intended to fail to stop your catch, or fail to stop your goal, or fail to win an award, or, you know, DIE?

And if god has the power to save certain loved ones, why can’t god save everyone? Or, you know, prevent disasters in the first place? And praying for them is worse – like asking a murderer to please help save one of the people he nearly murdered. Nice, huh? Wolf Blitzer of CNN asked a victim holding her daughter “You’re blessed… do you thank the Lord?” The woman said “I’m an atheist.” Awkward silence. This was pretty douchey on Blitzer’s part – asking a victim how they feel is stupid, but permissible. Poisoning the well? Ridiculous on so many levels.

Is there anything worse than that? Of course! TWO things, actually. Which one to start with? Well, damn, which one… Okay, I’ll just pick one. Alex Jones – yes, the paranoid gun activist guy from Piers Morgan – has actually false flagged a fucking TORNADO! Jones actually claims that the government sent the tornado, and that it has weather weapons! Trutherism at its finest. How much is he helping the victims? Not much. What a dick. But not the dickiest move surrounding the tornado! Not at all.


The biggest douchebag cuntsuck group in the land, Westboro Baptist Church – wait a minute, now, there are lots of huge cuntsuck groups. They’re just the most famous right now. Sorry about that. Anyway, WBC has actually BEATEN Pat Robertson to the claim that the OKC tornado was divine retribution for the state’s support of openly gay Thunder player Jason Collins! Can you fucking believe these people! And they’re from fucking Kansas! That’s Tornado Alley, homes! Oz never did give nothing to the tinfoil hat wearing psychos of Westboro Baptist Church that they didn’t, didn’t already hate. That’s America! You think god hates America because of gays? No! God hates America because of that song Horse With No Name! He’s already taken out Dan Peek.

On top of that, why don’t religious people have fun at funerals? If they truly believe in an afterlife, they should be happy that their loved ones finally get to go to heaven, right? How does it make sense to give thanks for making you stay here longer? So the people who had deaths in their families should be thanking “the Lord”. Some deity, though, huh? Kills a dozen kids just because a basketball player is gay and no one fired him? And those kids live in Moore, while the team is in Oklahoma City, and Collins is from somewhere completely different, and the entire NBA seems cool with it, but no tornadoes in Minnesota or Seattle or some shit.

But wait – is WBC sure it isn’t because someone in Oklahoma City ate shellfish? That’s “banned” too, along with bowl haircuts (Beatles: Bigger than Jesus, but going to hell), wearing clothes made of blended fabrics (so the boyfriend in that Marin Cadell song is safe), tattoos (Irony: Jesus tat), football (yes, football; you can’t eat pork OR touch it! Want a fast track to hell? Eat bacon and then go toss the ball around.), and fortune telling. So if you have Triple Delight at a Chinese buffet in your Old Navy t-shirt that barely covers your angel wings tat, you, sir, are taking the shinkansen directly to hell! Grab some Tsingtao!

I don’t mean to make light of the deaths that resulted from the tornado in Moore. They are tragic, mostly because everyone did exactly what they were supposed to and people still were injured or killed. What I am doing is ranting against all the insane whack jobs out there who use every fucking tragedy to push their hateful, demented agendas (and increase stock prices in the foil industry). Westboro Baptist Church are a bunch of dicks, to be sure. I am not sure I like Anonymous going around and doing whatever they want with impunity, but I am absolutely positive that I love Anonymous fucking with Westboro Baptist Church every single time.

Edward Hotspur

WWDJJD? (What Would DJ Jesus Do?)

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66 thoughts on “Westboro Baptist Church vs. OKC

  1. Hope that bunch is intercepted like they have been here. People block them with cars and hold up sheets on frames between them and the families….drown them out with songs and motorcycles.
    Odd self-centered group
    May the fire ants find them.

  2. I agree with you on everything here. I never understood some religious people. Some just use it as a reason to have faith and see the good in things and I think that is great. But others use it to torment other people. I think religion should be kept behind closed doors. I don’t go around telling people that i will not pray for them, and I wish that they wouldn’t say that they will pray for me. Praying for someone who doesn’t believe is asinine. WBC is the most hateful group of people I have read about lately. They wouldn’t know God if he flew down from heaven on a golden cloud and slapped them in the face. If god does exist, I would hope that what they are doing and saying wouldn’t be tolerated. I can’t believe that a group like that is allowed to function in this country. Every last one of them should be locked up. why cant natural disasters take out people like them instead of so many innocent ones? Sorry my comment is so long, I just really hate those bastards.

    • I agree with you except for two things. Even as an atheist, I don’t mind if people pray for me. And I don’t want to prevent WBC from saying anything they want – though I don’t think they should be allowed to demonstrate at funerals unless they are public ones. The thing that bugs me is that when people attack them, they get more publicity. Piers Morgan should never have had Alex Jones on his show. However, whoever it was that had Shirley and an Anonymous rep on at the same time, that was pure television gold.

      • well I don’t care if someone prays for me, I just don’t like when people say it in a demeaning way, like a lot of people do. As in if I dont believe in god that there is something wrong with me and they will pray for me to see the light and that nonsense. Otherwise it doesn’t bother me. I don’t think hate groups like them should be allowed to protest at any funeral. It is disgusting, and inhumane, and only hurts those that are already hurting. I am all for freedom of speech, but they have no dignity. Making children hold signs and pumping them full of hate. It makes me ill. Personally I think they should be labeled as a hate group and not as a church. I can only hope that as some of their followers grow up they find a way out of that mess and they slowly fade away.

        • Now THAT I agree with!

          I secretly wish with all my heart that WBC will somehow piss off the Church of Scientology, and those two will go to war and bring each other down. Perhaps when Travolta or Cruise dies, WBC will protest, and that will be it.

          • That is simply brilliant. Those Scientologist creeps don’t mess around and get away with anything. They’re like the religious mafia. And there really aren’t many of those WBC guys. It would be simple.

            Here’s my thing – I believe in Freedom of Speech but this protesting at a funeral for babies . . . couldn’t that fall under the whole “don’t scream fire in a crowded theater”? I mean it’s not going to cause physical harm, but . . . damn, common sense, it’s a funeral! Asshats.

          • There isn’t total freedom of speech, and never has been. Otherwise, ads would be different, and slander/libel wouldn’t exist. So let WBC SAY whatever they want, but nothing in the Constitution grants the right of access to any location.

  3. Their logic is so fucking crazy and wrong. Obviously God hates America because I rarely catch fish any more, because I’ve never been freshly pressed, and because my favorite team lost the championship last season, not because of gayness. Though I think the fish are gay. It’s that limp way they move through the water.

  4. these f’n guys….when im in hulk rage mode i cant speak and these wbc guys put me there….and then I laugh my ass off because im sure this has to be some sickly ironic comedy troope.
    best thing ive seen…i have to find and post the pictures
    gay man who runs community outreach center buys house directly in front of and across from wbc…PAINTS IT RAINBOW…totally legal…totally awesome.

  5. The Greeks invented religion to ‘explain’ the thunder and stars and anything strange and scary to them.

    Then Jesus came and wanted to use the concept of religion, because back then if you weren’t religious you were a witch, to bring people together and be nicer to each other.

    Then companies like the Vatican came and came up with a business model to make money from those people who believed cause it brought them peace at heart.

    And this resulted in little branches of this companies, such as the wonderful westboro baptist church.

    If God would hate America, it would be because they allow groups like that to exist.

    Religion is create to give explanation to what you can’t or are afraid to understand. To make life easier for you. It’s not created as an excuse to promote hatred.

        • Well, some would say that divinely inspired men wrote it, and Jesus is the son of God, but is also God, so he sort of did write it in a way. It’s all confusing how a “monotheism” has a trinity, plus a ton of saints and holy virgin mother.

      • The bible was written by a bunch of fools with God complexes. It has nothing to do with the original idea of religion. Smite and hatred has nothing to do with religion. Religion is simply the predecessor of science.

        Jesus was against churches and organized religion (ever read the Gospel of Thomas?). All he tried to do was use the current force (Judaism) that possessed everyone and try to bring people together, to make them find love: “The Kingdom of God is inside of you, and it is outside of you. When you come to know yourselves, then you will become known, and you will realize that it is you who are the sons of the living Father. But if you will not know yourselves, you dwell in poverty, and it is you who are that poverty.”

        It was all the other idiots that came up with the ideas of premarital sex and blablabla… Jesus didn’t do that. I’m not religious, and I don’t think if there was a God he would bother with paying attention to his 5 (?) billion (great-grandest-)children. He probably has some favorites, but who knows right?! :P

        Jesus wasn’t the son of God either, he just had the right idea. He just tried to get rid of a virus that still possesses us till the day of today: greed, judgment, an unhealthy lust for power, etc. etc. etc.

          • What led me to believe that Jesus is a real person, is because he also appears in the Koran (Islam) as Isa the Messiah.

            Many people (I am one of them) believe that the Old testament (what, if I’m not mistaken, Judaism is based on) is written by the elite (the fools I referred to earlier) who owned the temple back in that day.

            Also, Jesus didn’t write the bible, the new testament is merely an addition to the old testament with stories from people who shared how they interpreted the words of Jesus.

            So, yes, I do think that Jesus was a real person, but I don’t think the bible (and the preachers who read it) bring his words across as he meant them.

            Then there’s the Gospel of Thomas, which clearly proves that Jesus didn’t want people to go to churches and listen to heads of organized religions. Instead he wanted them to think and form their own opinion and get their priorities straight. Love is more important than wealth, etc. etc.

          • You can’t simultaneously attack books written by ‘fools’ and then say you believe Jesus is real because he appears in two of them.

            Also, Harry Potter appears in 7 books. Does that make him a real person?

          • I can’t? Why not? Can’t the stories of these people be inspired by a person who actually existed? I think it might be one of the possibilities. It could also entirely be a work of fiction. But no one knows, do we?

          • Yes. I still think it is inconsistent to condemn one aspect of the Bible, but uphold another, when it was all written in the same way. There is no logical difference to me between Westboro Church condemning gays but not the eating of bacon or shellfish or wearing gold, and you saying parts of the Bible are written by fools but other parts are accurate and true.

            None of you can have it both ways.

          • I am a human being, and I’m not a religious nut, so I can do and believe whatever want. It doesn’t have to make sense to you, and I can have it any way I like. It’s my brain, I believe.

            Obviously I’m not getting my point across, I’m not trying to convince you of anything, I was merely offering an observation. But, honestly, I’m getting really tired of this conversation.

            We’re both different people, for me it makes sense, to you it doesn’t and that’s all fine.

            Good night.

          • Here is the difference: If you say “I believe that Jesus was a real person.”, I can’t argue with that. However, if you say “I believe that Jesus was a real person because of reason X, Y, and Z.” and I disagree with any or all of those reasons, I CAN argue with that, and have.

            You are correct that you can believe whatever you want, for whatever reason you want, whether it is based on something concrete or not. I was merely pointing out that cherrypicking the Bible is cherrypicking the Bible, regardless of the content of your character.

          • And who cares if I am cherrypicking the bible? Whatever that means…

            I educated myself about this topic, formed my own opinion, and when the topic comes up, I share it. I converse, out of interest. That’s all.

            Like I said, I was merely offering an observation. MY observation. I was stupid enough to try and explain it to you further, but I don’t care if you disagree or not. I do not, however, think it is necessary to argue with me endlessly (and sarcastically).

            Like I said, I’m tired of this conversation.

  6. WBC makes their living by speaking ridiculously about tragedies such as these and then suing people when they rightfully beat the shit out of them for it. They are the lowest of the low. They are a skidmark of the underwear of life. Fucknuggets.

  7. I’m trying to figure out the Truther claims – which actually are somewhat like the WBC’s – they both think Obama is the antichrist. Then again, if he has the power to control tornados, doesn’t that kinda make him God, or more powerful than God? Or even if he’s this Satan guy, Satan was created by God, which should mean God can stop him. I mean, you’d think. But . . . this all makes my head hurt.

  8. I agree with a lot of what you have to say, but I do have a disagreement. I believe in God, but that’s not the point. The point is, “Horse With No Name” is a pretty good song! WTF? That is a philosophical divide I just cannot get over.

    (Also, even though I’m not an atheist, I’ve had people tell me they would pray for me in a demeaning kind of way, usually because I disagreed with them about something. It is oh so patronizing and annoying, and is really just about ego and not faith.)

  9. I am a Christian so sometimes it bothers me to read anti-Christian rants but….. I don’t pray for God to save, protect, etc because I believe differently than I guess you are talking about above. I am having trouble with this Westboro church on so many levels it nearly borders on hate…I know how Christian-like of me, right? I heard a sermon once where the pastor said God saved him and his family from a tornado and it turned just as he was praying away from them…what utter fucking bullshit is that…they give Christians a bad name….I was sure to thank him for turning the tornado towards the poor souls that died on May 3rd….if only your faith was enough you wouldn’t be sick…if you believe hard enough you will be rich. I am a Christian but I have NO idea what they are…they are Christian imposters who create more atheists than anything else possibly could. They are the real reason I think people like you don’t believe…we allow all the wrong people to preach Gods word and they have no idea what they are talking about. Anyway, nice post…sorry for the rant.

  10. And one more thing. First I am really emotionally distraught and really just need to use some bad language and this seems a safe place to do it. WHY the fuck did it take this for our state leaders to think about starting a nonprofit to put shelters into our states schools. Safe rooms…shelters….whatever… When I researched school districts and daycare places for my daughter I always thought about where she would go if there was a storm…because most storms happen when you are not at home. We spend half our lives at work or at school so… NOW that some of our beautiful innocent children….sorry I am bawling because I just saw the faces of those gorgeous children who died…NOW that something tragic has happened they decide it’s important.

    • Money. Even now, your senators are insisting on budget offsets to pay for tornado relief and assistance. And on top of that, they are accepting help when they voted against aid for Hurricane Sandy victims.

  11. Except they push up ratings, I really wish the news people would quit giving these kind of people attention. They are really only doing it for the publicity, to make themselves feel more important.

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