Daily Prompt: Me Time

This is from the Daily Prompt. I won’t abbreviate this as DP, because that might mean something else to certain people.

What’s your ideal Saturday morning? Are you doing those things this morning? Why not?

Coffee_wallpapers_by_cool_wallpapers_(17)The ideal Saturday morning starts late. This is because everyone has managed to sleep in for a long, long time. But upon awakening, I would make breakfast – pancakes with syrup, bacon, toast, biscuits and gravy, scrambled eggs, orange juice, milk, these are all way more delicious than the Cap’n Crunch that I actually make!

Kidding. I make the pancakes, or I make bacon, toast and eggs. And glorious-smelling liquid bean juice gets made and drunk by me, which is the passive voice way of saying I getta cuppa joe. I don’t want to leave the vague impression that I’m the only one who makes breakfast! Oh no. I want to directly state that I am the only one who ever makes breakfast, beyond a bowl of the aforementioned Cap’n Crunch.

Another ideal thing is that the previous day was payday. Somehow, that makes it all the more cozierish. So, to get started, I’ve given everyone pancakes, we all eat them, and then the kids go off and do their thing while my wife and I sit on the couch, drink coffee, and read the paper if one is there, or just cuddle. Yes, I’m serious. Why do you ask?

This morning, however, we didn’t do that. We just didn’t feel like it. We are all sick, and in order. Lawyer is on day 4, Mrs. Hotspur is on day 3, James Dean is on day 2, and lucky me, I’m on day 1. We spent a few hours in CVS yesterday getting checked out in their clinic, because our doctor was all booked up. And they wanted to update their records, so it was 15 minutes of examination and a billion years of computer entry, because it was done by a nurse who – are you sitting down? – does not have a computer at home. That is not a typo, folks. She does not have a home computer. No internet, no Facebook, no nothing. Then the meds took a long time, and the pharm took a long time, and I took some pictures to pass the time. We had to go to a different CVS to get half the prescription. And that one mixed the stuff wrong, so I had to go back. I got a gift card out of it, but at the same time, it’s a CVS gift card. Thanks, I guess. And my son is okay. Thanks for asking!


So today, we are feeling terrible on multiple levels and at multiple stages, and we’re also reeling from the shootings in Connecticut yesterday. And to top it all off, despite spending about 3 hours in drugstores yesterday, we did not manage to buy any cough medicine! We’re completely out. So one of us (me) will have to go out and get some. But that’s okay – I’m the least sick, and I want everyone to feel great. At least physically.

And that’s how I spent my summer va – I mean, this Saturday morning, and why it wasn’t a regular one. I hope everyone else is doing well.

Edward Hotspur

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25 thoughts on “Daily Prompt: Me Time

  1. Yeah, the back and forth weather makes everyone sick. Hope you all feel better soon.

    Also, you have no idea how many times I’ve wanted to say stop using those initials… And then I realize I’ve spent way too much time on urban dictionary.

  2. mmmmmm Cap’n Crunch…
    Hope you all feel better. Before Christmas. Mollie is just getting somethig too. So we will all be sick on Christmas most likely.
    What else does DP mean? Why do I always not know stuff?

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