The Coolishness And The Guapo Birthday Foolishness

Today’s Music: Linus and Lucy
Hey, these people wrote some things, and these other people wrote some other things. But mostly, it’s Guapo’s Birthday today! So wish him a happy birthday, because he’s probably jumping out of an airplane or breaking the sound barrier or some other fucking dangerous thing today, and he’ll be in a cast afterwards…
And he can’t dance naked on the top of a bar if he’s in a cast! So, like, don’t do that unless you leave a hole for your junk, LL Cool G!
Last week, the poll was What Kind Of Undergarments Are Guapo’s Favorite?
Hellis: None
Ginger: None
Cheeky Diva: None
Hotspur: Women’s underpants
PMAO: What are underpants for?
This week, you have a great poll.  A very large poll. One that you can see from space.

Hey! The ladies need a cool picture too!

Happy Birthday, El Guapo! Have a REALLY GREAT one!

Edward Hotspur

Here are some more Birthday posts for you, El Guapo!

Joe Hoover
3M (Red)
Hellis 1
Hellis 2
Cheeky Diva
Love and Lunchmeat
A Frank Angle
So many more…

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47 thoughts on “The Coolishness And The Guapo Birthday Foolishness

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  3. One of the greatest songs ever!!!
    One of the best posts ever!!!
    One of the most hyperbole-laden comments ever!!!!

    Seriously Hotspur. loved the whole damn thing! And I’m curious to know how Sparklebump’s answers were so…accurate…

    • I am glad you liked it, since it was just a pale imitation of your Friday Foolishness post played for laughs. I knew as soon as this came to be that the song I picked would be an alternate Linus and Lucy. And I had to be careful not to accidentally respond about your birthday to you while we were doing Benzeknees. I mean, her birthday.

      Sparklebumps knows things. I think she took a stripper poll. Did you see those ballroom jeans?

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